Transmission Fluid Exchange

What is an Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange?

Automatic transmissions work by transmitting power from the engine to the wheels through a fluid medium. This fluid also lubricates moving parts and cools the transmission. Over time the fluid breaks down, becomes contaminated and needs to be replaced.

During an Automatic Fluid Exchange, 100% of your used transmission fluid is exchanged and replaced with new transmission fluid.

What are the benefits of transmission servicing? 

  • Extends the life of the transmission by providing resistance to oxidation and the formation of sludge and varnish
  • Fresh fluid with anti-wear properties prevents wear or scoring of the gears, clutch bands and discs
  • Promotes smooth shifting
  • Minimizes risk of premature transmission failure

 How often should an Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange be performed?

  • Dyers Auto & Truck recommends this procedure in accordance with the car manufacturer's recommended mileage intervals.
  • This is generally every 15,000 miles for cars driven under severe conditions, such as stop and go traffic, mountain driving, trailer towing and extreme heat and cold.
  • For cars driven primarily on highways, automatic transmission fluid exchange is recommended every 30,000 miles.
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