Diagnostic Tester and Charger
Battery System -
D-TAC sPlus



D-TAC™ PLUS adds even more capabilities to D-TAC’s unique all-in-one starting and charging system service:

• Automated system test (battery, starter, alternator)
• Good/bad battery determination plus automatic recharge
• Starter cranking voltage normal/ abnormal
• Pass/fail alternator determination under loaded mode
• Customized for the new technology AGM batteries, with dedicated mode
• New heavy-duty gas and diesel truck capabilities with optional EECS306BHK Heavy Duty Kit

D-TAC™ PLUS continuously monitors battery requirements, and automatically charges the battery as needed—as fast as possible without damage or “boiling.” Additional charging options are also available, including a prompted sequence for starting stalled vehicles with up to 300-amps cranking assistance. The D-TAC™ PLUS troubleshooter menu offers a range of pinpoint test options including a digital multimeter, impedance meter, programmable battery loading and amp probe testing. D-TAC™ PLUS is truly your all-in-one tester for starting and charging system


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